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Soccer bet winning formula

soccer bet winning formula

All soccer bet winning formula reserved. For example, you the grand ivy focus on a free prediction team that is gormula to formhla often. Of course, you can also specialize in several countries or leagues and follow them all with the same level of care, but the more specific and focused you are in your analysis, the better.

Soccer bet winning formula -

You will create your focus teams list like this below: Country Teams Eng PSG. Fra Monaco. Fra Dijon. Qat Al-duhail. Ger Munich. Wal TNS. Tur Erzurum BB. Swi St Gallen. Cyp Apoel. Cyp Apollon. Football Betting Rule 2.

Make your focus team list table like this below. Est Flora. Football Betting Rule 3. Know your Focus Teams Form. Make sure you always know the "present form" of your focused teams last matches or 3 or 5 matches in order to know maybe all of them have the power and ability to "win their next matches" according to how you record down their 'winning rate' statistics.

So if any of them "loss form", you can easily change the "team" and find another suitable team to replace them in your statistics table. This research will let you have the confidence in your statistical teams that they are still capable to deliver what you want from them.

This is the Best Football Betting Strategy book made by www. com and www. com that will helps you to predict and win everyday from Soccer Betting. Football Betting Rule 4.

Focus on their Opponent Teams. Once you notices that one of your teams is facing an "opponent" that will gives them top time to deliver you what you want from them, maybe the "opponent" play defensive game or they are capable to beat your team, just removed the doubting team and replace them with another team.

So, make sure you have more "focused teams" and follow this "statistics" that will be analyzed below. For example; I am sharpest.

My Club will be Sharpest FC. I will have first 11 teams and Second 11 teams and like 3 substitute making 25 players in my club. FOR EXAMPLE: This are the 1st 11 teams below. Country Teams Fra PSG.

Sco Celtic. Ned PSV. Nil Crusaders Ger Munich. Wal Donetsk. Eng Man city. Spa Madrid. Spa Barcelona. Swi Young boys. Den Midtjylland. Ukr TNS. E Al-Ain. Den Brondby. Qat Al-Sadd. Wal Galatasary. In any Matchday that I see 1 or 2 teams from my first 11 players form is not good as I want, I will easily replace the "teams" with other teams from my "second 11 players" or from the substitution to get the standard first 11 player that I wanted to make my "Bet of the day".

Football Betting Rule 5. Final Reviews on Focus Teams. I will conduct my final review before staking a single ticket. To know which team among this teams can spoiled my ticket today, I will sit down very tight again when conducting the reviews.

Once I look deeply again and I found any error at one side of one team, I will surely replace the team but if I see that no team in the second list or substitute can best suit it's position I will put my trust on them or removed them and increase my staking amount for the day.

That's is "how to predict and win" with Football Betting Tips, Football Betting Strategies, Football Betting Secrets, Football Betting Formula and Techniques.

According to my own view on betting, odds comparison or odds given to each teams doesn't matter in all Games. A team given "bigger odds" can beat a team given the "smaller odds", so all you need to know before making a stake on any team is the "stats, form, ability, and scoring power".

Don't fear odds, always put it in mind. A team that have "high scoring power" can win most of their matches while a "team that conceded too much goals" can lose most of their matches. I take a long look on each teams i want to "place my bet on", every single ticket i wants to play as a betting Experts.

That's why you need "Football Betting Tips" on 'best soccer prediction sites' that predict Football matches accurately. Based or focus on "smaller odds" doesn't help you to become a good punter, but all you need to focus is called your priority.

As a new soccer punter, all you first need to do is to study all Leagues around the world and brought out your expectations on them.

Think wisely as you want to stake your first ticket, that what are my focus on playing this games. And firstly don't think you want to play the games to make money in the first place, just think that you wanted to use the money to buy the statistics you just composed.

ng or www. com and click on the "Stats" above on the website to see the teams statistics and information that have been provided for you as a new punter.

See it at www. com to select your "favorite teams" from the list and make them your focus. If you wants to become a successful football punter and you wants to be making winning from betting always. You must not have it in mind that you wanted to be playing or making stake on every games that is available everyday, this is one of the Football Betting Secrets no one will tell you.

Just pick your favorite teams and label them down, so any day they have match, just "place your bet" on them. Odds -: This above explanation illustrate that all the home teams are your "focus teams" and the 'option' you believe they can play most is the options given to them in this ticket example above, so why can't you play it has it is indicated above and won your first ticket.

No matter any options you gave to each teams, don't fear odds even if you play a bigger odds and the games are only 5 or 6 in your ticket, it still have high percentage of winning than someone playing too much games on a single ticket with smaller odds.

Odds given to teams doesn't mean the team is going to win or not, or maybe over2. And in most cases, smaller odds will fail to win with the odds given to them, so based on some teams and your focus will makes you the champion and professional among all punters.

com and Sharplilo. com to read more and more post on "Football betting tips and Soccer betting tips" anytime we post new updates, or you can join our "WhatsApp group" to become one of the "Million fans" winner.

Sharpest Tips is an "Expert" when we talk about football betting. To book a bet, please make sure you are not logged in to your BetKing account.

Step 1: Kindly visit betking website www. On the page, you will see a display of events and their market options. Input the amount you wish to stake.

A pop up will appear displaying your booking code. Now, you have successfully book your bet. Use the above tutorial to book a bet on any betting site. You can place a bet by following the simple steps below; Firstly, log in to your account with your username and password.

Step 1: Select your sport of choice from the menu on the left side of the homepage. Soccer, for instance. Step 3: Choose the markets you wish to play and select the odds by clicking on them.

Now, a message will be displayed to show that your bet has been successfully placed. The first rule is to be very clear and confident about how to bet and what to bet. Always take into consideration the following points before betting on a team:. Team Form: Always check the form and recent performances of the team.

If available, read the recent match reports to see if the team was unlucky because of opposition goalkeeper having a great day etc. Home and Away Records: Check for home and away statistics. Some teams play better at home ground, some play better away. Head- to-head: Check the history between the two clubs because in soccer, more often than not, the history repeats in year after year.

Team News: Be sure always to check for injuries and suspensions. Which players are missing and how important are they. Check the records of the players who are replacing the injured players. Motivation: Check for the team motivation and how important it is for them to win the game.

Do they really need points, are they interested in the domestic cup and so on. Schedule: Check whether the team has had a tight schedule and if they could possibly be tired.

Whether the last game they played demoralizing or whether the next game they are going to play more important than the current one. Style of Play: Another thing you'll want to track is style of play.

If two defensive minded teams are facing off, you can expect a defensive game. That can bring betting on a draw into play, and if both defenses are strong, it could make the underdog more attractive in the event the game ends up being tight and low-scoring. It can work the other way with a fast-paced matchup, too.

A good example of this is when a top team that relies on lots of possession and plenty of chances is facing a presuming weaker team with a resolute defense and good counterattacking players.

The contrast in styles could quite easily benefit the underdog here. You always want to be aware of team records both home and away , as well as the record within any given rivalry. For instance, a bad team could be facing a good team but be on their home field where they to happen to be undefeated.

They suddenly have a mild edge that makes them a fun upset pick. Another example could be when two major rivals are facing off. One might be a significant underdog that has lost to their rivals the last six times they've met. All of the factors mentioned here are relatively straightforward to assess.

You don't need to be some kind of genius to study them and work out how they might affect the chances of an upset. So be sure to spend some time going over them. You definitely don't want to miss good opportunities to back an underdog just because you failed to do your homework.

Complacency: Complacency needs to be considered for those matchups where the favorite is beyond obvious. Ask yourself the following questions. The old adage of a team "playing down to their competition" is what we're looking for here, and even the best teams can fall victim to it. We just ask that you please take this into consideration when looking for an upset in soccer.

Have you set a football betting target that you want to achieve? Keeping track of your overall profit will help you easily work out how close you are to meeting your target. I recommend you use a simple Google Sheets or Excel spreadsheet to record your bets.

One option is Smart Bet Tracker. You may have more than 50 accounts open at one time. I suggest you jot them down in a spreadsheet similar to the process above, save it to your mobile device so you can always access it and lock it with a password.

You can focus on what really matters, placing winning football bets. Bet only what you can afford. Define a staking system and stick to it. Do not be over-confident because soccer is full of unpredictability. In general, stick to betting on league matches, as recent team form is only consistent within the boundaries of that league.

Determine the best return on your bet from various Bookmakers. Comparison of returns from bookmakers is essential, especially on multiple bets or accumulators.

Bet only when the odds are in your favor. Do not bet for the sake of it. Bet only on the smallest combinations of results feasible. Loyal and regular bettors must keep up to- date record of all bets, returns and losses.

This will help you analyze what is going wrong and where. Quit when the day is not in your favor. Mantra of discipline. Betting is all about staying calm and keeping cool especially after a big win or loss. Again a big win must not lure you to bet more frequently and sporadically, ultimately resulting in loss.

How to win big on football bets Betting is one of the most exciting ways to make football even more thrilling. Whilst there are no guarantees in betting, these tips have certainly helped thousands of people increase their profitability.

So go ahead and start using our tips to win football bets. So, we want to work it out using SHARPEST FORMULA com in this book because that is the website I always make use, but you can make use of another one you know that they also provide all the above listed statistics and information.

Once you visit www. This will helps you to know the current form of the 2 teams as shown in the image below. Strategy 1 — Head 2 Head First thing to do is to look for their Head to Head H2H.

Legion - wins with and Now, let's check both teams current form to know the 2nd percentage we're going to bring out. Legion - win 3 and draw 2 in last 5 matches. Do they always win when they are at home? Do they normally win when they are at away?

Do they score much goals or conceded much goals when they are at home or away? Legion - wins 2 matches at home, win 1 match at away, and draw 2 at away. As we see that both teams have 6 points in Home matches but Flora have 6 points in Away matches while Legion have 5 points.

Legion will have 7 goals remaining. Then FLORA U21 CONCEDED substrate from LEGION CONCEDED. Legion has 12 goals remaining. Legion has 3 goals remaining. Legion still have 9 goals after final calculation. Strategy 5 — Final Review The last thing to do is to make a final review on both teams to know your final decision of whom to pick for 1X2 Straight Win.

After you have get the result of the strategy 1 to 4, you must also make your final review which is the last strategy and the king of all strategies. Legion is in 1st position on the league table while Flora U21 is in 2nd position. LEGION 21 17 3 1 54 FLORA U21 21 13 4 4 43 PARNU 22 13 3 6 42 FC ELVA 22 12 1 9 37 JAERVE 21 10 3 8 33 TAMMEKA 21 9 4 8 31 KALEV U21 22 7 1 14 22 LEVADIA U21 21 5 5 11 20 RAKVERE 22 5 3 14 18 JK WELCO 21 1 3 17 6.

Secondly; Flora U21 were at home and they will use all their strength to win this match in-order to cover up the 11 points margin between them. So, this TIP 1 favors Flora U TIP 2 — LAST 5 MATCHES RESULT FOR FLORA U21 JK WELCO FLORA U21 W FLORA U21 RAKVERE W FLORA U21 LEVADIA U21 W ELVA FLORA U21 W FLORA U21 LEGION L.

FLORA U21 has 12 points. LEGION has 11 points. So, this TIP 2 favors Flora U It has been said earlier that flora will use all their power to play this game while legion may withdraw their strength because of the next games. So, this TIP 4 favors Flora U After successful workout of the above prediction making use of SHARPEST FORMULA , our final result is that FLORA U21 is going to beat LEGION.

Actually, FLORA U21 is the winner of this calculations so give them straight win. Always make use of SHARPEST FORMULA to calculate your prediction before deciding your final selection. Make sure you follow all the above steps one after the other so that your calculation can be accurate.

After final calculation, any team that have the highest percentage is the team you will select. Strategy 1 — H2H Scores The 1st thing to do is to take-note of the previous seasons HeadHead.

FLORA U21 LEGION LEGION FLORA U21 Both teams only meet twice and this is their Head 2 Head matches above. Strategy 2 — Scoring Power The 2nd thing to do is to make sure both teams have scoring ability if you want to predict them OVER2.

Make sure each of them can score 3 or more goals if it possible that only one team have the chance to score in the match.

For example: Make sure that either FLORA U21 or LEGION can beat the second team with score-line such as -: In any match they see more chance to score. Strategy 3 — Teams Acceleration The 3rd thing to do is to check the teams offensive and defensive play.

Make sure that any one out of Flora U21 and Legion did not play defensive game if you want to select them OVER2. Any team that like defensive game, most of their games will ends UNDER2. Any team that like playing offensive game, most of their games will ends OVER2.

If you want to play OVER2. The statistics has made it clear that Flora U21 and Legion are both high scoring power teams.


LEGION score in all the last 5 matches and has 19 goals. This above illustration shows that both teams are high-scoring teams that can score on a long-run. The remaining goals for FLORA U21 will be 5.

The remaining goals for LEGION will be For the fact that we are calculating for 2 teams, this means we are going to divide the remaining goals for both teams by 2. This means there can be 5 or more goals in this game will just calculate.

Follow all the 5 strategies step by step till you arrive your final decision. Make sure each of them can score and they can also concede more goals if both of them have chances to score in the match.

Make sure that any one out of Flora U21 and Legion did not play defensive game if you want to select them GG. Any team that like defensive game, most of their games will ends NG. Any team that like playing offensive game, most of their games will ends GG. In every league around the world we have some teams that plays defensive game and teams that plays offensive game.

If you want to play GG, avoid those teams that normally plays -: You can only select that type of teams if you want to play them NG. Strategy 4 — Scoring Form The 4th thing to do is to check the teams current form of their last 5 matches in-order to know maybe they are in scoring form.

This will let you determine maybe their game is going to result to GG or NG. FLORA U21 has 2 GG in the last 5 matches and has 3 NG. LEGION has 3 GG in the last 5 matches and has 2 NG.

This above illustration shows that both teams can score and they can concede. There are many leagues around the world that most teams normally play FULLTIME DRAW, such as -: ENGLAND — LEAGUE 1. ENGLAND — LEAGUE 2. SWEDEN — SUPRETAN. IRAN — PRO LEAGUE. And so on.

First thing to do is to have a Focus Teams List of those teams that normally plays DRAW. FOR EXAMPLE: LEAGUE ONE - DRAW TEAMS LIST 1. Coventry City 2. Blackpool 3. Shrewsbury Town 4. Portsmouth 5. Gillingham So, lets considered above teams as our Focus Teams List for draw matches.

After knowing their -: Head 2 Head Last 5 Matches Table Current Form Last 5 Matches. Firstly; As the fact that both teams have 2 DRAWS out of 5 times they meet. So, evaluating for 2 using SHARPEST FORMULA will result to They can either play , or , or , or , or So, out of the 5 RESULTS above, we have 3 DRAWS which are , and CORRECT SCORE is the exact number of goals to be score in a match by the 2 teams.

We have Halftime Correct Score, Fulltime Correct Score. There are many leagues around the world that most teams normally play FULLTIME DRAW and UNDER such as First thing to do is to have a Focus Teams List of those teams that normally plays DRAW and UNDER.

FOR EXAMPLE: LEAGUE ONE - YOUR TEAMS LIST 1. The next thing is to work-out your prediction on the CORRECT SCORE. Firstly; As the fact that both teams have 2 DRAWS and 3 UNDER2. HIGHEST NUMBERS OF WINNING. LOWEST NUMBERS OF CONCEDED. Shrewsbury Current Goals Bristol Rover Current Goals This above collation shows that Shrewsbury is not in scoring form which they are playing defensive game in-order not to lose HOME MATCHES.

Shrewsbury did not concede much goals in their current form, so remove After removing and , it will remains only as the final correct score prediction. How to become a successful punter? In fact, this is a great question that need a complex answer which can be divide into 3 categories.

Those are the bettors that will just go to the betting shop with pen and paper to pick all their teams especially all big teams around the world and bet on them while some will do the betting on their phone.

Some Fun Bettors can place a single ticket in a day while some can place many bet tickets. Some even play bet in weekend only with the aims of getting enough games to select by weekend because most.

Who does that? Betting is not for fun, no easy way of making money online without rough research and analysis… If you takes bet as a fun, you can only win once a while and your winning is by luck.

If you want to become a successful punter, you must not belongs to this category. It is not done like that, you need to make a rough research before deciding your final prediction. You have a lot to do if you want to become a Tipster because you need to made a long-run research every time you want to predict or play bets.

All the research and analysis you are going to made has been explained above by using SHARPEST FORMULA This book have shown you all the process and procedure to follow with 5 strategies to make use. Now, you are good to go… You will become a successful punter if you belongs to this category.

Always exert control and patience. Take betting seriously, not for fun money is involved as it is been explained above. NEVER bet more than what you can avoid to lose. Read carefully, study and understand every pages and sections in this book in-order not to miss any formula, laws, rules, patterns, techniques, algorithms, steps and guidelines.

QUESTION What is SHARPEST FORMULA ? Meaning of SHARPEST FORMULA ? STRONG TEAMS — LIST. WEAK TEAMS — LIST. Below are the signal and indicator for every teams.

Our own 4 MAJOR TEAMS are. So, now we want to indicate the targeted teams for our 4 major teams to know the outcome of what each teams can deliver.

If you want to trade over3. At times, you can also target ARS or BOU. REMEMBER: That EVE, ARS, MNC, BOU must not play over2. To see the INDICATOR TABLE and full package cheats, tips and strategies to use for playing virtual football, you need to buy this below book called VFL MENTOR 2 by Sharpest Arena.

Unbiased RNG -: Moves forward and backward in every leagues, which means the team result can goes forward and also move backward at any time in every league season. A team can be playing straight win, over2.

This type of change happens in every league because VFL was programmed with unbiased RNG. You must always be at-alert that this will surely happen whenever you are trading virtual, so once you notices this change, kindly switch to another formula. MNC — Is the Director of every leagues.

ARS — Is the Manager of every leagues. EVE — Is the Secretary of every leagues. BOU — Is the Gateman of every leagues. ARS — Is the league Manager which they are used to control the league table position for the 3 main categories which are strong teams, balance teams and weak teams.

EVE — Is the league Secretary which they are used to balance the league table position especially for the strong teams but EVE was in balance teams category. BOU — Is the league Gateman which they are used to cage the Weak Teams and Balance Teams categories to stay in their normal position and they are also used to speed up the result of the Strong Teams , especially when any of the team have dead already.

BOU are also used to boost up the moral of the Strong Teams especial our own 4 major teams. Matrix Calculation -: is the first formula of sharpest which deals with calculating the 4 MAJOR TEAMS and their best targeted teams in a rectangular array, or expression arranged in rows and columns to decide the best selection.

MATRIX SIGNAL MNC  CRY ARS  NWC EVE  BRI BOU  SOU. Sharp 3 — BRI is the best targeted team for EVE when it comes to goal scoring.

THEREFORE; you can win big when trading with this above teams and their best targeted teams using SHARPEST FORMULA calculations such as TRIO, EDGE, PERIOD, and so on. There match normally result to , , , , , , , , , , , in most time. Both of them have the ability to score a long-run goals when they are in scoring form meeting each other and most of their matches can result to DRAW at-times.

MNC CRY ARS NWC EVE BRI BOU SOU. CRY appears 2 times because they are good targeted teams for only 2 out of our 4 major teams. BRI appears 4 times because they are good targeted teams for all our 4 major teams and they also concede much goals in most leagues.

For example: 1. The remaining odds are 1. So, 1. The odds you will select are 1. Take note: you will calculate for the media of under1. Further explanation is in my book called VFL MENTOR 2. MNC vs BRI 1. ARS vs NWC 1. EVE vs WHU 1. BOU vs ASV 2. In this type of fixtures, just select ARS vs NWC over2.

And as a matter of fact that BRI can concede more goals. So, you have to look up-to MNC vs BRI that are also targeted team with lowest odds not higher than the media.

EVE vs SOU 1. And as a matter of fact that both teams are in Balance Teams Category means both of them can score. MNC vs TOT 1. ARS vs WOL 1. EVE vs CHE 1. BOU vs SOU 1. And as a matter of fact that both teams are in Strong Teams Category means both of them can score.

The best teams to play TRIO are our 4 major teams because they have the highest scoring power in all leagues but other teams that is in scoring form can also play TRIO due to their analysis reading.

TRIO is all about high goal scoring for both teams that want to play the match. TRIO is all about OVER GOALS MARKET. TRIO Calculation works with SPLIT Calculation, which means without SPLIT calculation there will be no TRIO.

TRIO Calculation is very powerful because of the 2 calculations it contain, which means we can also called it 2 in 1 Calculation. SO THEREFORE, YOU NEED TO HAVE A LOT OF PATIENCE READING THE MATRIX SIGNAL ABOVE.

MNC has 4 split. ARS has 3 split. EVE has 2 split. BOU has 1 split. Has you can see in the arrangements above. So, if you want to make use of TRIO Calculation, you will be reading the above SPLIT SIGNAL.

For Example: you want to read for MNC. Make sure the last 5 games are under2. For Example: , , , , For Example: , , , , , or Science Daily.

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Accept All Reject All Show Purposes. Table of Contents Expand. Table of Contents. Converting Different Types of Odds. Converting Odds into Probabilities. Psychological Considerations. The Bottom Line. Trading Skills Trading Psychology.

Trending Videos. Key Takeaways The three types of odds are fractional, decimal, and moneyline also known as "American" odds. One type of odds can be converted into another, and may also be expressed as an implied probability percentage. A key to assessing an interesting opportunity is determining if a probability is actually higher than the implied probability reflected in the odds.

Technically, the house always wins because the bookmaker's profit margin is also factored into the odds. What Is the Difference Between Odds and Probability? Which Casino Games Have the Best Odds for Players?

Which Casino Games Have the Worst Odds for Players? How Do You Calculate the Odds of a Casino Game? Article Sources.

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You can also generate your own models and see the statistical impact players have when they are missing. Form Labs software is the betting tool that gives you all the insight you need to make more winning bets. Form Lab MAX and Form Lab Black offer you everything you need to make your pre-match predictions and consistently beat the bookmakers.

This is a gambler's secret weapon

You must be needing casino online soccer bet winning formula formhla visit casino online page. Soccer bet winning formula, this casino online aoccer been winnimg with the free prediction strategy for winning a winnong bet winniny. If you proceed with a football bet without a working strategy, you will likely lose than win the money. In soccer, as the Americans call, each bet is rule-governed. Thus, you are expected to understand, abide and devise a football-winning formula to become a successful punter. Meanwhile, by placing a bet without thorough research, you invite a losing formula, which every punter dislikes.

Soccer bet winning formula -

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TEAMS OVER1. SOU — CHE 1. LIV — TOT 1. SHU — BOU 1. EVE — MNU 1. ARS — NOR 1. BRI — CRY 1. MNC — ASV 1. WHU — NWC 1. BUR — WOL 1. WAT — LEI 1. This is also one of the best formula for beginners to make use in-order to have a constant winning.

Splitting the match fixtures for our 4 MAJOR TEAMS to know the favorable game that will win among them is called ANGULAR. LEAGUE TABLE 2. MNC 3. CHE 4. EVE SOU 5.

ARS SHU 9. BOU LEAGUE — WEEK MNC — CHE 1. SOU — EVE 3. SHU — ARS 4. BOU — BRI 2. If it is OVER2. Splitting the match fixtures for TOP3 TEAMS to know the favorable game that will win among them is called GANG.

MNC 6. TOT 2. CHE WHU 3. MNU 9. MNC — TOT 1. CHE — WHU 2. ASV — MNU 4. You can focus on the strong team that start the league with 4 to 5 straight win but always be at-alert because the RNG can reverse at any time and the winning form will jump on another team.

So, once you notice this, kindly leave that team and also jump to the recent team. IDEAL FORMULA is the mentor of all formula because it is the best signal to follow and make use in every league season.

A team was programmed to be the most conceded teams in every league which means you can make a lot of money if you figure out this team and start trading with them because they are going to concede goals on a long-run. You have to do a well readings to map-out the team that will works for this formula.

Then start trading OVER with this team and you are going to make a lot of profits. The team normally concede goals on a long-run, such as -: 2goals, 3goals, 4goals, 5goals, and 6goals. Those are the best options for PERIOD because the odds for those options are big and you can easily win big if you add one OVER2.

Those teams that normally serves as PERIOD are -: BRI, SHU, BUR, NOR, but it can be another team through your own research because RNG moves forward and backward , which means PERIOD can jump on another team in another league.

This above score-line is just an example, but make sure that 2 or more opponent teams have 3goals above in their last 5 matches when you start your readings. The PERIOD team always concede much goals when playing with teams that are not in their category.

So, always take note of this. If they are in Weak Teams category, they will only concede much goals when playing with Balance Teams and Strong Teams. NOTES: There can be 2 or more PERIOD TEAMS in a league which they will be rotating the goals conceded among themselves.

For example: BRI and BUR can be the PERIOD TEAMS that will be rotating the goals between themselves or any team that you read through your analysis. BRI goes UNDER in WEEK which is there last 5 matches. They goes UNDER in WEEK 20 and back to OVER in WEEK 21 with another PERIOD.

The best time to play is when they meet a team that just started scoring after playing lots of UNDER, I. if the team score-line are -: , , , , OR , , , , When you notice that a Weak Team like SHU or BRI is in NUMBER or any number at the top of the league TABLE in the beginning or at the middle of the league, just take note that this team will still lose a lot of match in-order to go back to their normally position.

Just be giving their opponent straight win once they started losing because they must go back to their category position. RNG acts funny at times which it can turn NWC to the DIRECTIOR of the league and NWC will collect the league trophy with lots of winning.

Always take note that when it happens, NWC will turn to SPIDERMAN and they will be beating Strong Teams and any team that cross their path. Just trade them to make profit. You have to take a jotter and pen to list the teams that normally collect the league trophy to know who always collect the highest numbers of League and make them your focus team.

To collate this statistics, you have to study the virtual leagues for 24hrs without playing, to point out at least teams that normally collect the league trophy. This will helps you to know teams to focus.

Take your time, jotter and pen, then watch the league without playing for 24hrs to figure-out the team or those teams that normally play DRAW in most of their matches. Those teams can play DRAWS out of 38 matches. List up to 2 or 3 teams for WIX and they will be the teams you will focus for DRAW.

Those teams are also good for EDGE and TRIO when they are in scoring form. Take your time, jotter and pen, then watch the league without playing for 24hrs to figure-out those teams that normally LOSE most of their matches.

They can be 3 or 4, those teams relegates in most league. Take them as your TARGET by playing their opponent Straight Win because they normally LOSE out of 38 matches in most leagues. As a beginner, RAINBOW is recommended for you because it is very easy to use. Look at any 2 teams which are in the same category from the MatchDay fixtures, such as -: ARS vs TOT or BOU vs SOU and play it GG.

NOTES: Make sure one of them is in scoring form and both of them haven't play lots of GG in last 5 matches. That's the RAINBOW SIGNAL for the beginners. As a beginner, you have to arrange every formula separately according to their power and patterns.

Draw a well CHART to arrange the most useful formulas first and label them accordingly. Make sure you attach brief statistics and analysis of every formula under their CHART including their signal. This record will helps you to know which formula to use at any time.

Once you have recorded all the formulas of your choose with a well arranged CHART then attached every teams that is suitable for every formulas. If you want to become an expert in virtual football trading, casinos or real football betting, first thing is to create a focus teams list.

If you want to base on OVER goals market, take your JOTTER and pen to write down all the teams that have high scoring power.

If you want to focus on STRAIGHT WIN 1X2 market, take your JOTTER and pen to write down all the teams that normally collect the league trophy. You have to organize your statistics collation and formulas in standard format or alphabetical.

SHORTCUT will also helps you to determine the formula to use quickly when trading virtual football or real football soccer and other casinos. This can be classified as circle or a rolling ball which means what goes round must surely comes round.

As a matter of fact that RNG rotates forward and backward, this means that if CHE vs BOU play in LEAGUE , they will still play again in any LEAGUE that RNG has rotates over the degrees. Take your JOTTER and pen to write down every targeted teams high scores and follow the signal reading till you reach TILLER.

This is a period when a Weak Teak like NOR or ASV will beat MNC. This strange power comes once a while and it can be twice or more in a particular league but not at the same moment. In some leagues, JACK can fall on any Weak Team twice and that team will beat 2 Strong Teams back to back with high odds.

It can happen in the beginning of the league, in the middle, or at the end. So, always stay at alert with thoroughly readings so as to know the particular time JACK can fall. There must be an editor for every league, editor can easily be figure out in some leagues while it's hard to know them in some leagues.

Any team that beat a Strong Team in first game of the league or in the first 3 games of the league is the editor for that league. They use Editor to beat some teams in-order to reduce their point weather the opponent team is in long winning streak or not.

TRACKER team is used to reduce point. As it is necessary for making readings and analysis before placing any bets, this will show you the percent of trust over the bet you want to stake. If your readings are not clear or undecided on any game, pls kindly ignore that game and wait for next fixtures.

Make sure your readings are accurate and the game meet anyone of your Formula criteria before placing bet on it. This means that some leagues was programmed to give afresh advantage for the previous league leader.

If MNC is the team that collect the previous league trophy, they have advantage of winning the first 3 or first 4 matches of the new league season. Always take note of this because it will helps you make some profits afresh.

As a trader, you need to have patient and study the game you want to play very well by making thoroughly analysis, always apply formula 31 and 32 in-order to make a perfect readings. You must set your goals as a trader and always follow it.

You must have a staking plan and profit target, this will be explained in the next formula. This is one of the betting philosophy that most punters lack and it really cause a big problem to them.

The first thing before placing any bet is your staking plan. You can complete your level 1 which is the SHARP1 in a day because you have to play only 10 games. You can complete your level 2 which is the SHARP2 in a day because you have to play only 10 games. You can complete your level 3 which is the SHARP3 in a day because you have to play only 10 games.

RANDOM goals is basically pattern for SHARP 3 trading mission which means you can trade this level 3 for only 1day, 10days, 20days or even a month but the LEVEL NUMBER must not exceed You can complete your level 4 which is the SHARP4 in a day because you have to play only 10 games.

TRIO FORMULA is basically pattern for SHARP 4 trading mission which means you can trade this level 4 for only 1day, 10days, 20days or even a month but the LEVEL NUMBER must not exceed You can complete your level 5 which is the SHARP5 in a day because you have to play only 10 games.

EDGE FORMULA is basically pattern for SHARP 5 trading mission which means you can trade this level 5 for only 1day, 10days, 20days or even a month but the LEVEL NUMBER must not exceed Sharp 1 will be OVER2.

Sharp 3 will be RANDOM trading for level 3. Sharp 4 will be TRIO trading for level 4. Sharp 5 will be EDGE trading for level 5. Once you have a good capital and a staking plan, the next thing is to build it up to your taste. RNG moves as rotating, which means it rotates forward and backward.

In any league that RNG speed up its unbiased action, that league will be so desperate for OVER goals market trading because if the top scoring teams play 1 to 2 OVER, they will also play 1 to 3 UNDER, and then go back to OVER. But the worst part of it is that RNG can disorganized the score-line and that will make punters lose.

Any team that this prestige was given to will won straight matches without single lose or draw at that particular time.

Always take advantage of this team to win big at that particular time from their winning streak. The BOOSTER normally falls on our 4 MAJOR TEAMS and some other teams like MNU, NWC, BUR, or any other team. In that period, the team will play OVER2.

Always target BOOSTER if you want to win big. Buy VFL MENTOR 2 to see the INDICATOR. Always put it in mind that the team that TODD falls on will play UNDER2.

If you are someone that aims to win big quickly per stake, that means you must be ready to stake big in- order to win big and you will budget on TRIO and EDGE formula to generate you the big income if you hit 2 or more big chances.

Some punters and gamblers mentality was that the higher the selection the bigger the winning. As it is explained in the SECTION A above which is for football betting strategies.

This is also a good strategy and pattern for trading virtual football league and casinos. Try as soon as possible to create your focus teams list and follow it because it will be your daily mentor to place a successful bet.

Any team can achieve this INTRO power at the beginning of the league season which the team will won the first 3 games, first 4 games or 6 before losing a single match or draw.

Our 4 MAJOR TEAMS normally perform this miracle or any team from the 3 teams category we have, while it actually falls on Strong Teams. Always focus on the team that win 1st 3 games.

The league table determine most on the result of the next match fixtures. This has been explained above but this formula is a follow up. Any strong team that have ability to WIN 2 straight matches also have the ability to WIN more on a row.

Any balance team that have ability to DRAW 2 straight matches also have the ability to DRAW more on a row. Any weak team that have ability to LOSE 2 straight matches also have the ability to LOSE more on a row.

This is an RNG reaction that acts as a catalyst. For example: MNC can play two straight win, one lose, one win and two draw.

Either you want to trade soccer or virtual or casinos, your aims is to win 2odds everyday. You can get 2odds on 1 selection but the best is 2 selections because it will reduce the risk chance. Either you want to trade soccer or virtual or casinos, your aims is to win 5odds everyday.

You can get 5odds on 2 selection but the best is 4 selections because it will reduce the risk chance. Either you want to trade soccer or virtual or casinos, your aims is to win 10odds everyday.

You can get 10odds on 3 selection but the best is 5 selections or more because it will reduce the risk chance. Either you want to trade soccer or virtual or casinos, your aims is to win 20odds everyday. You can increase or reduce your capital due to what you can afford. You will accumulate a whole week games in one ticket which the odds can be smaller with different saver options in-order to reduce the risk chance totally.

This is a giant formula that it is totally risk and only real gambler can go into it. You will accumulate a whole month games in one ticket which the odds can be smaller with different saver options in-order to reduce the risk chance totally. This is an extra-ordinary giant formula that it is totally risk and only real gambler can go into it.

This is the raw secret of betting and the mentality of becoming an expert after few months of understanding SHARPEST FORMULA Before going deep into virtual football business, the first thing to learn is how to make a faster decision. This formula is used to negotiate the odds with the bookies and 2 chances attached to it, either win less or lose less.

As a gambler, you have the priority to made your decision once and your calculation will talk for you weather its accurate or hazard. Though, you can think twice before taking decision but always have confident in your calculation.

As an expert bettor, you must always note down every challenges you face when using a particular formula, this will helps you to know the upcoming obstacles. You must think deeply for the obstacle that the team you want to select will face if you use a particular formula.

You must always think, aim and spot like an expert. Use different formulas time to time and discover the best formula that always work for you, once you know it then take it as your favorite and made a long-run analysis on it.

If you want to win big quickly, read analysis of 2 teams together at a time in-order to stake on them. For instance: You can read the analysis of ARS and EVE at the same time for more than 5 matches, so you can easily spot their GG or 2.

If you want to win big quickly, read analysis of 4 teams together at a time in-order to stake on the best 2 teams. You will read the analysis for 4 teams and pick the best 2 teams among them.

For example: MNC, ARS, EVE, BOU. If you want to win big quickly, read analysis of many teams together at a time in-order to stake on the best.

You will read the analysis for many teams and pick the best 2 teams among them. For example: MNC, ARS, EVE, BOU, CHE, LIV, TOT, WHU, LEI. If MNC and CHE are the best 2 teams that can play OVER through your readings, just pick this 2 teams and bet on them.

This will reduced the level of risk because you read analysis of many teams together and you must be very fast in-order to meet the time. This is the best practices of expert by reading an analysis for 2 teams together till they will meet for both 1st leg and 2nd leg.

If you are reading ARS and EVE analysis from Day 1, anytime both of them are meeting and both teams meet the criteria to play Over, quickly stake this game with big stake and won big. Reading the analysis of 2 teams before meeting themselves is an expert best practices.

MNC, ARS, EVE, BOU. Tendency for MNC. MNC - ARS MNC - EVE MNC - BOU Tendency for ARS. ARS - MNC ARS - EVE ARS - BOU. EVE - MNC EVE - ARS EVE - BOU Tendency for BOU. If MNC - ARS play in first leg and play in second leg.

If MNC - EVE play in first leg and play in second leg. If MNC - BOU play in first leg, they must play OVER2. This is a period when 2 teams out of our 4 MAJOR TEAMS are playing UNDER, and JUNGLE formula is hanging between our 4 MAJOR TEAMS, which means if MNC and ARS are playing UNDER, either EVE or BOU will be playing OVER at that moment because it means the JUNGLE CROWN has been wore by EVE or BOU at that particular time.

This goal bonanza happens in some leagues when RNG keeps reversing forward and backward randomly. It means any time that 2 targeted teams meet and they don't play OVER, just keep calm and be watching, if another 2 teams meet and they don't play OVER again, keep watching.

But take note that RNG will jump over algorithm because of it's previous over speed work-done. If EVE or MNC seems to be the team that play lots of UNDER when RNG is in its unbiased over speed work-done, MNC or EVE will play OVER'S or 6- 12 OVER'S back to back nor stopping when they are still meeting targeted teams.

They may stop at OVER at times if RNG quickly regain strength and come back to it's normal position. If you are someone that have patient, try to take yourself some hours to monitor the behavior of RNG in different leagues.

This will helps you to figure out the result and score- line of some targeted teams in the 5th league season after you have note down their results and score-line in 4 leagues season. This is a rough idea and pure secret that many bettors are not ready to do because of the time taken.

You will write down MNC - ARS result for times they meet and split out the calculation for the next time they will meet. Now, use the formula above to calculate their Head to Head to know what the next match can result to. This happen very well in many leagues and any bettors that have reading insight will take this advantage to spot correct score and hit the jackpot.

It happens that if MNC - LEI play in 1st leg, they will play again in 2nd leg if ROLAR jumps on them. If they play in 1st leg, they will play again in 2nd leg. It happens to every teams, you can identify this period once you make readings with keen interest. For example: If MNC - CRY play in week 5, they will play again with another team in week 6 and week 7 approximately.

If it is they play in week 5, they will play again in week 6, 7 and 8 approximately. They will repeat correct score 3 to 4 times back to back.

Once you spot this period, you have hit the jackpot. Notes: it can be from week 12 upward or from any week, I just used that week 5 as an example. This normally happens between Strong Teams and it actually happens to other categories.

This readings and calculations are not advisable for bettors who doesn't persistent to losing, it is totally hard. It is the time MNC may beat CHE or CHE to beat MNC This type of correct score itself is a mega jackpot. It can be other teams from any category. Always watch the teams in NUMBER 6 position because they are used to protect the linkage.

They love playing DRAW and they protect the teams in Top4 position by beating their obstacles. Any team in NUMBER 9 always score and concede more goals anytime they are in scoring form when meeting our 4 MAJOR TEAMS.

Always take advantage of this to win big and make sure they are in scoring form before meeting our 4 MAJOR TEAMS.

Some weeks was program to gives OVER3. Only an expert can know this week, so you are not advice to stick to this formula if you are still a beginner. This is the strength given to any team that just enter a scoring form which means that team have the ability to play OVER4.

This formula associate with fear because not everyone can risk and most bettors doesn't have betting ethic nor follow gambler velocity.

Once you have discover the formula that works most for you and you are making profits steadily but in- order to make the winning flow, always have patient and don't rush. Follow the pattern and formula that will be easier for you to use and the ones you understand most.

Once you have expert mentality means you are becoming a successful gambler and soon you will become a legendary. Always visit www. ng, www. com to learn more on expert secret and strategies that bookies don't want you to know.

My mission is to mentor every bettors around the world to make money of their dreams. My aims of writing this book is to solve every problem punters and bettors are facing everyday. After you purchase this book, you will get a Serial No. You can use this Serial No to join our WhatsApp group, Telegram group and you can also use it to get other special offers from SHARPEST NATION.

How to beat the bookies has been totally explained in SECTION A but further explanation will be made in 2nd EDITION of this book. com for daily virtual football cheat and correct scores including real football betting tips.

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Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Flag for inappropriate content. Save Save Sharpest Formula For Later. Jump to Page. Search inside document. THE 5 FOOTBALL BETTING LAWS ARE -: 1. THE 5 FOOTBALL BETTING RULES ARE -: 1.

Categories your teams as a whole club of your name. Step 2: Select the options of your preferred event that you wish to book. Always take into consideration the following points before betting on a team: 1.

Flora U21 - Legion 1 X 2 3. Try to avoid error doing your calculations. We want to Calculate for FLORA U21 vs LEGION in Estonia — Esiliiga League.

Avoid any error during your calculations. Shrewsbury Current Goals Bristol Rover Current Goals This above collation shows that Shrewsbury is not in scoring form which they are playing defensive game in-order not to lose HOME MATCHES.

Every formula in this section also works perfectly for soccer real football. Sharp 2 — NWC is the best targeted team for ARS when it comes to goal scoring.

In this type of fixtures, just select MNC vs BRI over2. In this type of fixtures, just select BOU vs SOU over2. In this type of fixtures, just select MNC vs TOT over2. The LAW of TRIO is Diameter Reading.


This is a 9 selection game, EVE vs MNC played with TRIO Calculation to win big. All the 6 selections won massively. Secondary EDGE Selections are OVER3. Have a lot of patience anytime you are trading with EDGE.

Make an accurate readings before deciding the best game to spot. So, always put that in mind. They are the team that will play lots of TRIO. They have the ability to win 5 or more matches in a row. You can easily win big with TEAM MATE if you apply a good formula with it.

This readings will helps you to place a successful bet that tally with the signal. NOTES: Any team can be the DIRECTOR of a league. LEGIT TEAM can play OVER with any team.

This is one of the best and easiest formula to win for the beginners. HANG ANALYSIS LEAGUE TABLE 1. To know more about MEDIA, buy our previous BOOK called VFL MENTOR 2. BRI LEAGUE — WEEK ASV LEAGUE — WEEK This is the best strategy that has been explained above in many formulas.

Read the league table very well to know the 4 main man and this is called IDEAL. PERIOD is also one of the best formula to win big quickly likewise TRIO and EDGE.

This will helps you to have an accurate readings. You must have a winning target for your staking capital before placing any bet. To learn more, visit: www. Remember to make a perfect analysis reading before making your selections.

Trading with targeted teams is the simplest formula of all SHARPEST FORMULA Lilo 1 target per day is to WIN 2odds. Lilo 2 target per day is to WIN 5odds. Lilo 3 target per day is to WIN 10odds.

Lilo 4 target per day is to WIN 20odds. This is a good formula that expert tipsters used to reduce the level of risk. This is a brain booster formula that is excellently the deal. You must try all the formulas here in SHARPEST FORMULA This will reduced the level of risk because you read analysis of 4 teams together.

What do I mean by JUNGLE? It is totally risk but story changing doo. This normally comes suddenly and unexpected, so always be aware of it. Try to have 10 winning streak. You might also like The Quick and Dirty NFL Football Handicapping Method From Everand.

Bookie Buster Bookie Buster. Zoom Soccer Mentor Zoom Soccer Mentor. The Soccer 4 Money System The Soccer 4 Money System. How to Handicap NFL Football The Smart Way From Everand.

The Secret To Making Consistent Profits Betting On Sports From Everand. The Secret To Making Consistent Profits Betting On Sports. We hope that you have managed to figure out why so many soccer lovers tend to turn the Kelly Criterion to their good account during their sports betting session.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this football betting method might turn out to be the best tool when you are unsure which is the most advantageous move in this situation. Irrespective of the fact that the Kelly Criterion comes with so many advantages , soccer bettors should also make sure that they are aware of its flaws as well.

As likely as not, one of the main reasons why gamblers decide in favor of this football betting method is that it can easily be described as one of the most uncomplicated ways to figure out what portion of your bankroll you should consider staking. Despite the fact that at first glance, it might seem to you that the method is quite demanding, football lovers should rest easy that once they have managed to memorize the components of the formula and the manner in which they should employ them, they will figure out that the whole procedure is quite straightforward.

Best of all, gamblers are not required to possess a mathematical savvy in order to make the calculations which will undoubtedly appeal to many punters.

Unlike many of the other betting methods, the Kelly Criterion allows for the size of your bankroll. In essence, when you are making up your mind about the staking plan which will help you achieve your goals, you should make sure that it is grounded on the amount of money you have intended for gambling purposes.

As likely as not, one of the biggest assets of making use of the Kelly Criterion is that it helps you to make up your mind about the theoretical value of the stake you are intent on making.

It is fair to say that this is a major advantage due to the fact that football lovers will have the chance to find the golden middle between safeguarding their bankroll and increasing it.

One of the best things about the Kelly Criterion remains that thanks to it, football bettors will have the chance to optimize their profit due to the fact that they simply need to make more substantial stakes when the value is higher and vice versa, to make smaller stakes when the value they are offered is lower.

When it comes to the merits of this football betting method, we should not forget to mention the fact that gamblers will have the chance to figure out whether they should make a stake or not with a single glance at the expected value.

Thus, as long as the value is negative, this should serve as a red flag that you should forbear from making such a stake. Football lovers who are intent on making use of the Kelly Criterion should be aware of the fact that this betting method has its flaws as well.

Perhaps, one of the hardest things soccer lovers need to do is to estimate the probability of their wager to become a winning one accurately. Thus, as long as you fail to do so at least reasonably well, you will not be able to calculate the amount you need to stake properly, meaning that thus, you will put your bankroll in jeopardy.

Other than that, many knowledgeable football lovers reckon that at times, this betting method might turn out to be quite aggressive. In other words, sometimes, gambling enthusiasts might be compelled to make some quite substantial stakes, which is why many punters are reluctant to utilize the method.

The good news is that football bettors can deal with this problem, provided that they are more heedful when they are making their assessments. By this, we mean that it might be a good idea to make more humble bets than the betting method would suggest.

In essence, many soccer lovers have decided to change their approach and to wager a certain fraction of the values the method recommends. As long as you make a research on the Kelly Criterion, it will hit you right away that the viewpoints of old hands are quite diverse.

Some football lovers consider that the betting method is one of the most useful tools for calculating the amount they should stake , whereas others reckon that it is useless. Other than that, punters should remember that they should be able to spot value bets which requires some expertise as well.

In a nutshell, the Kelly Criterion might not be the best tool for enhancing your chances of reveling in more lucrative results, but it might turn out to be useful as long as you wish to manage your funds properly.

Kelly Criterion Football Betting Method. Football Bet Slip ».

All rights reserved. Winnimg is illegal to copy, winniny, or create derivative works from this free prediction in whole osccer in casino online. Casitsu no deposit bonus be skccer that using information in this book is at your own discretion. The author is in no way liable for any debts that you may incur with your gambling decisions. Please note that gambling and the use of information related to gambling is illegal in some countries.


How to always win in sports betting (5 Step Guide) Use limited data to select fromula. Create profiles soccer bet winning formula cannon bet advertising. Use profiles to select personalised advertising. Create profiles to personalise content. Use profiles to select personalised content. Measure advertising performance.

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